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Coma Barlow Bino-100

0.75x APO Reducer

A stunning Reducer from APM. Add a second scope for less!. Click for details. From £589.00



The superb new APO Binoculars. Click for details. £2629.00

Coma Correcting Barlow

Our new Photo Visual 2.7x ED Barlow designed by Gerd During. Click for details. Only £149.00


APM Telescopes of Germany have a reputation for quality. We manufacture the largest and best quality range of Apochromatic Refractor telescopes in the world. These range from the superb 107-700, to the worlds largest Apochromatic refractor, the peerless 510-6500. We also offer custom made specialist reflector telescopes and a range of outstanding accessories to help you get the most from your telescope

APM stands not only for superb quality but also for consistency. All our scopes are aligned and star tested before leaving our facility in Germany. Each of our made to order LZOS apochromats are supplied with an individual optical test report confirming their optical performance is a minimum 95% Strehl. This is normally exceeded.

Apochromatic refractor telescopes are recognised as the ultimate telescopes for imaging and planetary observing. This is due to the sharpness, colour and contrast range they exhibit. Something no ordinary reflector telescope can offer. With an APM refractor you can get the very best Apochromatic Refractor experience available.

Our reflector telescopes combine cutting edge design and technologically advanced materials like LZOS Astrositall with exceptional build quality. They are true professional observatory class instruments and can rival the performance of our apochromats

APM Telescopes are used worldwide by many professional and educational institutions because of our reputation for outstanding quality. If you want the very best view of the universe choose APM, its the professional choice.

Welcome to a sharper, more colourful universe.....welcome to APM

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The new 140 F7 Doublet. From £2799!

New from APM Telescopes is the new 140/980 F7 Doublet. Featuring a Gurd During designed objective with an FPL-53 Super ED element, the 140 achieves excellent colour correction in a compact and lightweight scope.

After some initial delays the new 140/7 is now shipping.

The 140 now also has an option of a 3.7” focuser for only £3049.00

For more information about this new class leading scope, please see the main product page here.

The ED APO Binocular. Now even bigger!

Following on from the success of the 100mm ED-APO Binocular, APM have now introduced the new 120mm version with 45° and 90° prism options.

The new version also introduces the use of FPL-53 Super ED glass. As with the 100mm version, the 120 is optical bench aligned to a minimum 100x. Due to the incredible performance offered, both the 100 and 120mm versions can now be offered with high performance alignment up to 180x. Testing has shown this allows magnifications of 220x with the 100mm and an incredible 260x with the 120mm!

Performance of the new 120mm is stunning. Words are not enough to describe how good these binoculars are.

120-ED Bino 140 / 980